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Since January 31st, the FM4 Configurator will no longer be available for download. Do not worry, the FM4 Configurator is not gone - it is accessible via the Device Center. Just click Advanced Mode once you've launched the Device Center and that's it!

The Device Center is meant to simplify device configuration for new users or for simple use cases, but it also brings numerous improvements for our experienced users, who are familiar with the FM4 Configurator:

  • Automatic updates - no more need to manually search for and download the latest configurator and firmware versions. The Device Center allows you to update them automatically, as long as you have internet access.
  • Configuration file association - configuration files are associated with the Device Center and are recognized by Windows as specific configuration files. They even get their own icon! 
  • Configuration file drag and drop - loading configuration files has never been easier, just drag and drop your file into the configuration window and you're done!
  • Interactive geofences - draw geofences directly on a map and cover the exact areas you need. 
  • Installation assistant - a tool to help with the device installation (coming soon!)
  • ¡Disponible en español!

Your feedback is important! The Device Center constantly receives usability and stability improvements. If you have any comments/suggestions, let us know via e-mail: 


You may need to download the Microsoft .NET Framework to use the Device Center. 

FM-Pro4 & FM-Pro4 3G

Firmware file

Release packDevice Center

Change log


Backup instructions:
In case of a device malfunction after the firmware update, please downgrade it to the previous stable version.

Device firmware update will delete all unsent records.
Data sending protocol change will erase all unsent records.
Do not use older configurator for new devices with this firmware.

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