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Important! Following the upcoming release of 00.03.12.xx, if you are using FM-Tco4 HCV devices for LCV CAN bus readings after the 03.12 firmware update it is necessary to update the configuration file on your device, for this functionality to work properly, please watch a short step-by-step video, that will show you all the necessary steps you must make. Video is located here.

FM-Tco4 HCV & FM-Tco4 HCV 3G

Firmware and Configurator pack

 Firmware file


Change log

FM-Tco4 HCV pack.zipFMTco4_HCV_00.03.35.08.efwt4FM4 Configurator

Backup instructions:
In case of a device malfunction after the firmware update, please downgrade it to the previous stable version.

Device firmware update will delete all unsent records.
Data sending protocol change will erase all unsent records.
Do not use older configurator for new devices with this firmware.

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